There is something about the Aito sauna heaters. It’s about complete relaxation and a time off from the hectic life surrounding us. An Aito heater can be found in modern cities as well as in the forest our a beach house. The common factor is the passion for the genuine experience- it’s about the tradition, the materials, and about seeing the big picture. All Aito products Key flag-marked products, designed and made in Finland.

The Aito heaters are about traditions, high quality and the great finishing. Aito products are obviously ecological. Besides Aito wood-burning  sauna heaters, we also provide a broad assortment of Aito fireplace products.

Many people have found the essence of the true sauna after bathing in a sauna equipped with the legendary Aitokiuas sauna stove. The unique stove provides an enjoyable steam all night long, even though it is warmed up only once. The timeless and classic design looks good even today, and the high quality materials make it last even for the next generation.

Narvi Oy is a sauna product and fireplace component manufacturer from Finland.