Aitokiuas AK-68/78/95/110 tunnel

Aitokiuas heaters are all available as tunnel models. The models AK 47-95 are equipped separately with a tunnel section part, while Aitokiuas 110 is only available with integrated tunnel section. Aitokiuas tunnel model sauna stoves create an exceptionally nice and gentle steam, and they are powerful enough to heat up large sauna rooms. Aitokiuas sauna stoves can be equipped with 150mm smoke flue and the sauna stones should be either olivine stones or ceramic sauna stones.


Aitokiuas AK-68/78/95/110 tunnel sauna stoves are our very biggest heat storing sauna stoves. They are suitable for large saunas, and they can all be fired from outside of tha sauna room. Suitable smoke flue is 150 mm diameter smoke flue.