Narvi Basic

Narvi Basic is designed to be as simple as possible. The controller has a power switch, which turns on the sauna heater. After the preset time (decided when installed) has ran out, the heater switches off automatically. The effect of the heater (temperature of the room) can also be adjusted. Narvi Basic has a lightning switch and the sauna lightning can be connected to it.

This controller is perfect for small cabins, rental houses, Airbnb or any other desitnation where simplicity comes first.

Technical info

Narvi Basic
Width19,5 cm
Height14 cm
Depth5,9 cm
Connection400 V 3N~ 50 Hz
Effect (max)10,5 kW
Lightning (max)100 W

Instruction manual

Narvi Basic FI, SE, GB, DE, RU