Narvi Kelo Sauna

Narvi Kelo sauna is an perfect example of a traditional genuine sauna cabin.



Narvi Kelo – traditional Finnish sauna cabin.

Narvi Kelo is a beautiful sauna cabin made of genuine kelo wood. This handcrafted sauna is delivered as a complete sauna, and it is ready to be used really quickly. We recommend Narvi Stony stove for this sauna and a Kota 15 steel flue kit. Other safety accessories will be needed too.

Kelo wood is a traditional building material of Finnish sauna buildings. More info about kelo wood can be found from here or from the supllier Huliswood’s own website. As it is a rare material from our nature, it is important to make sustainable choices.

The very first sauna buildings were in two storeys, where the lower level was not heated up too hot and was used as a washing area. The water was heated up with a traditional cauldron and it was connected to the same chimney as the sauna stove. The upper level was for sauna bathing, and the heat was obviously there.

Later, sauna buildings have been built lower, as the washing facilities have imporved and there are usually alternative warm water sources (showers). Narvi Kelo is a perfect example of a sauna cabin that reflects the very original way of building a sauna. The greyish wood logs match perfectly in Finnish landscape.

Heating up a kelo sauna cabin is like heating up any other sauna room. It requires a bit more power, as it doesnt reserve heat as effectively as an insulated sauna cabin. We recommend to calculate the volume of the sauna room and multiply it with 1,5. That gives the true volume. If an electrical sauna heater is being used, a minimum effect of 9kw is recommended. It is also worth waiting for the sauna stones to be hot enough before starting the sauna bath. That way the löyly is soft and longlasting.

Technical info

Narvi Kelo
Internal height2190 mm
External height2250 mm
Width2870 mm
Depth1980 mm
Total weightapprox. 4000 kg
PanelsKelo wood
Bench'sKelo wood
WallsKelo log 18cm
DoorKelo wood 800x2000mm

Instructions & drawings

Drawing – floor plan FI

Drawing – cut FI