Narvi Kirami Sauna

Narvi Kirami sauna is made in Finland by our partner Kirami in Sastamala. The sauna cabin is a combination of modern and traditional Finnish sauna architecture. The giant glass wall is perfect for summer houses where the view is not worth covering. The sauna is delivered in one piece, ready to be used.

We recommend Kota Inari Plus for this sauna, combined with Kota 15 Steel flue and stone cage. Safety products are also needed.


Technical info

Narvi Kirami
Width2300 mm
Depth2300 mm
Height2625 mm
InteriorPine / spruce treated wood
ExteriorPine / spruce treated wood
BenchesPine / spruce treated wood
Weightn. 1000kg
Not includedSauna stove, chimney, sauna acceesories