Narvi Outdoor Sauna

Narvi Outdoor sauna is a perfect DIY sauna kit. All building materials are deleivered on the site and assembling is easy. We recommend the Kota Kuru 20 or Kota Kuru 20 VS together with Kota 15 Steel flue. TO get the safety distances right, we suggest the safety wall set for the Kuru stoves. COntact your local dealer for more info!



Technical info

Narvi Pihasauna
Internal height2180 mm
External height2516 mm
Internal width1780 mm
External width2000 mm
Sisäsyvyys1780 mm
External depth2000 mm
Total weight480 kg
PanelsFinnish wood 15 x 120 mm
Bench'sFinnish wood
Door opening80 x 180 cm
Window46 x 178 cm
Not includedRoofing material, sauna heater, chimney, installation accessories

Instructions & drawings

Drawings FI, EN

Instructions FI