Narvi Wifi

Control your sauna heater with Narvi mobile application!

Narvi Wifi is our state-of-the-art control unit which can be used either locally or with any mobile device. For wireless sauna control, a wifi-network and Narvi mobile app is required.

This sauna controller is suitable for heaters between 4,5kW and 10,5 kW. It is multivoltage, meaning it can be connected in both I and III-phase networks. Application is available in several languages and it is really easy-to-use.

Narvi Wifi sauna controller can be connected to any electrical sauna heaters without controller (E-models).

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Narvi WiFi sauna controller allows you to control the sauna heater in the mobile application anywhere and anytime. Easily and safely. The application tells you the status of the heater, the temperature of the sauna and the remaining heating time. When you arrive, a warm sauna awaits you.

Narvi Wifi is an electronic remote control system for an electric heater that can be controlled remotely with a smartphone or tablet. Narvi WiFi is a complete package that includes a separate, touch-screen controller, temperature sensor, power unit and the necessary intermediate cables with connectors. In addition, you need a Narvi electric heater without control (E-model *) and a controller for a wireless home network strong enough to connect to the Internet. Wireless control requires a mobile device (iOS or Android) to which you can download a user-friendly application developed by Narvi free of charge (from Google Play or the App Store).

When developing the application, Narvi has strived for absolute ease of use. So you can turn on the heater from the app by simply tapping the “turn on the stove” button. If you want to go to the sauna at a certain time, you just set the time you want from the easy-to-use dial on the app. It is also possible to select the heating start time. The stove is under your control, and you can always see the current status of the stove in the application. Other family members can also control the stove on their own from their mobile devices. The stylish, touch-screen controller can be surface-mounted or recessed into the wall using the mounting plate that comes with the controller. The controller has convenient touch keys and a two-line display that holds a lot of information. In addition to the heater, it is also possible to control the sauna lighting. The controller, like the entire electronic remote control system, is made in Finland.

The Narvi WiFi sauna controller is suitable for the following Narvi E-series electric heaters:

• Narvi Saana E

• Narvi Smooth E

• Narvi Trio E

• Narvi Velvet E

• Narvi NC Electric E

• Narvi Ultra Small

*) The E-model electric heater is a heater with resistors, without a control device. Note. The temperature sensor must be placed directly above the heater on the ceiling. Make sure that the temperature sensor is at a sufficient distance from the supply air valve.

Technical info

Narvi WiFi
Control unit dimension
Mounting hole dimensions
Widht 90mm
Connection400V 3N~ / 230V 1N~/ 230V 3~
Effect4-5 kW - 10,5 kW
Controller cable lenght10 m
Sensor cable lenght5 m
Power cable lenght1 m
Sensor positionAbove heater, not close to air intake.



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