Narvi Black 20 ST

The sturdy structures of the sauna heaters and large stone compartments guarantees even and pleasant steam.

The fire grate is as big as the bottom of the sauna heater and the secondary air is guided underneath the ash pan in order to make the burning more efficient. The roof of the fire box is 10mm thick and durable. The glass cast iron door sets the tone and helps to hold the fire even. It is easy to install the sauna heater with the adjustable legs.

This stove is available with tunnel model, which is heated from outside of the steam room.

Technical info

Narvi Black 20 ST
Sauna room size10–20 m³
Height76 cm
Adjustment ±1,5 cm
Width48 cm
Depth50 cm
Tunnel part depth17,1 cm
Total weight / Stone capacity125 kg / 60 kg
Flue outlet diameter119 mm
Height of smoke connection from floor68 cm *
Fireplace ceiling thickness10 mm
Safety distances
Sides30 cm
Front (suuluukku)50 cm
Up127 cm
Rear20 cm

*) top connection only



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