Sauna accessories

Sauna accessories are an easy way to complete your sauna experience at home. Sauna is much more than just the room and the sauna heater, and a higher experience and relaxation level can be reached by choosing proper and beautiful sauna accessories. Narvi sauna accessories are available in two different series. Both series have a sauna thermometer, pail for “löyly” water, a ladle to pour the water on the stones with, and a sand timer to keep track on the time spent in the sauna.

The Black -series

Narvi Black series sauna accessories are made of aluminum and bamboo tree, which is a stylish and durable combination. The black colored sauna pail and ladle can hold enough water for a humid and long-lasting löyly. The thermometer or thermo-hygrometer will fit wooden walls very well and the temperature can be read easily. Black sand timer is not made of aluminum, but black steel. The time it takes for the sand to run out is 15 minutes, which we think is a suitable time for one sauna session (can of course be repeated).

Wooden series

Narvi wooden sauna accessories are very traditionally designed, beautiful and neat wooden sauna products. In Finland, saunas are very often decorated with pine or spruce panels. The wooden pine accessories respect this tradition. The ladle is very light weight and the pail has a plastic insert to make sure water will not leak outside. The thermometer is very clear and thermo-hygrometer follows the same design. Sand timer has a stainless steel strip on the top side and it will easily measure a sauna bath of 15 minutes.