Great and powerful world leaders have been softened in the Aitokiuas steam in the Presidents summer cottage. In city apartments, the taste of real sauna has been available after a tough day at work. More than eight decades involve many beatiful moments and stories.

We are the only big scale sauna heater manufacturer with production and R&D 100% in Finland. Narvi staff consist of around 50 sauna lovers. We grow steadily, and the latest big news was the fusion between Aitolämpö (Kota, Aito) and Narvi in 2010.

Knowing what a good sauna really means, has been the key driver for Narvi. We make zero compromizes when it comes to “löyly”, which usually means that our heaters have a perfect amount of sauna stones. Even our smallest models can proudly call themselves sauna heaters. We have the cleanest burning sauna stove in the world, which we are very proud of (Narvi NC 16).

Real sauna people dealing with real sauna business. That is what Narvi is all about. We want to ensure every sauna in the world can be heated up properly, and we shall offer them a sauna stove for decades to come.

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