Electrical sauna heaters

Modern electrical sauna heaters are a good option to heat up a sauna room and to create a good sauna experience. They are easily installed and there is no need for a smoke chimney. They also have relatively short safety distances, which makes the installation easier. Electrical sauna heaters have heating elements, that heat up the sauna stones. On the sauna stones, water is supposed to be poured to create “löyly” (sauna steam). The hotter stones there are, the more löyly you will get.

Our heater assortment consists of different sizes shapes and colors. The wall-hanging sauna heaters can heat up smaller sauna rooms and they will fit most common sauna cabins. The big floor standing heaters will heat up large public saunas.

Electrical sauna heaters need a sauna control unit or “sauna controller” to work. All our domestic sauna heaters have a controller included. It can be either inbuilt manual buttons or an external control unit with a separate temperature sensor. Our sauna heaters for public sauna (Ultra series) come without control unit. All of our electrical sauna heaters can be ordered also without control. These versions are called “E-models”.

Installation accessories can be used to make the sauna safer and better looking. Tower-shaped heaters can be sank inside the sauna benches with help of installation flanges. Heater safety guards can also be installed in various models. For electric sauna heaters, we recommend 5-10 cm sized rocks of either olivine diabase or vulcanite stone. It is worth changing the stones regluarly, as the get worn out and might crack. Especially those that are in direct contact with the heating elements need to be checked on regular basis.