Cauldrons are a big part of Finnish sauna culture. There are not many summer houses that haven’t been equipped with a classic Kota cauldron. These “water boilers” are water tanks that are equipped with a wood-fired fireplace. The volume can be either 50 or 80 liters and each option will heat up lots of water with just a few wood logs. The cauldrons are insulated, which makes the water stay hot for a long time.

Bigger ones, the 80 liter cauldrons come in two different colors; black or stainless steel. The smaller, 50 liter cauldron is available in black color. The lid is very light weight and easy to lift and the wooden handle of the lid does not get too hot.

As these products have a fireplace inbuilt, they also need a smoke flue or connection to a chimney. Both cauldrons only have rear connection for smoke channel, which is the traditional way to connect a small fireplace in Finland. If the cauldron is located outside, it can be equipped with a simple steel flue (available for the 80 liter version). The 50 liter version needs to be first connected to a rear part and then to a steel flue, such as Kota 15 steel flue.

A well made high-quality cauldron will serve for decades to come, offering and very energy efficient way to heat up washing water. The water will be very hot first, and it is therefore mixed with cold water. After some hours, as the water has cooled down a bit, it has traditionally been used for dish water.