Warranty terms

1. Scope

These warranty terms are complied within all deliveries between Narvi Oy (hereinafter referred to as the supplier) and another party (hereinafter referred to as the importer) and for all products manufactured or sold by the supplier, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. These general warranty terms supersede all general terms and conditions used by the importer in matters governed by these warranty terms.

2. Quality warranty

The supplier guarantees that the product meets agreed specifications and is suitable for normal use. The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects in the product. The Supplier is not responsible for errors due to normal wear and tear or circumstances or events after delivery that are not due to the Supplier, such as installation errors or incorrect use.

3. Warranty period

The products have a warranty of twenty-four (24) months. The warranty period begins when the product is delivered from the factory to the importer. The supplier is not, however, liable within the framework of the warranty or otherwise for errors that occur after more than two (2) years from the time the goods have been delivered. The importers are furthermore entitled to add additional or extended warranty conditions within their own area.

4. Correction of errors

The supplier can choose to repair the defective product or deliver a new product to the customer instead of the defective product. The warranty does not cover shipping, unloading and installation costs or other similar costs that may arise.

5. The customer’s duty of review and complaint

The customer should review the product immediately after the product has been transferred. The customer must make a complaint to the supplier in writing within two (2) weeks after the customer has discovered the error or should have discovered it.

6. Consequential damage

The Supplier shall under no circumstances be held liable for consequential or indirect damages such as lost production, reduced sales, loss of operating profit, loss of contract or loss of user benefit.

7. Validity

These terms and conditions apply from 04/2023 until further notice.

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