Narvi Fireplace stove

Narvi Fireplace stove – next generation Ecodesign-compliant heater designed for Northern conditions. The stylish and plain stove is ideal for a leisure apartment and, thanks to its durability, also for the home. The large glass door creates a cosy atmosphere and makes it easy to supervise the fire. The firebox is lined with refractory panels and topped with a cast iron hob. Narvi Fireplace stove is handmade in Lapinkylä, Rauma, Finland.





The Narvi Kamiina – a classic makes a comeback with more power and better features. Designed for northern conditions, the heater is an Ecodesign-compliant, robust heater.
The technical features of the fireplace are highly refined. The heater has an excellent efficiency and has a capacity of up to 250 m3. The air control options are comprehensive. The heater operates on the principle of recirculation. 1-2 hotplates are available, two hotplates are available when the chimney outlet is not at the top of the stove. Inside the firebox there are strong refractory plates to improve heat retention and durability.
The stove is an excellent source of initial heat. It provides a quick heat rise in areas where there is no other source of base heat. Stoves are also excellent in homes as a quick source of supplementary heat and to create atmosphere.

Narvi Fireplace features:
– Power 8.8 kW
– Efficiency 82%
– Recommended heating volume 20-250 m3
– Ecodesign
– Cooking plate (two cooking plates if the flue outlet is not from the top of the stove)
– Four different options for chimney connection (top, rear, left and right)
– Wood consumption 2,50 kg/h
– Recommended length of firewood 33 cm
– Suitable for Narvi Sauna Chimney (T600)
– Made in Finland

Technical info

Narvi Fireplace stove
Height84,3 cm
Width39 cm
Depth59,4 cm
Product weight75 kg
Firebox height60 cm
Firebox width22,2 cm
Firebox depth35,5 cm
CasingPainted black / iron
Flue connections
Flue outlet diameter ⌀11,9 cm
Flue connection optionsRear, top, right side or left side
Flue connection height, rear68,5 cm *)
Flue connection height, top84,5 cm *)
Flue connection height, top68,5 cm *)
Flue connection distance from back of the
15 cm
Other information
Cookplate⌀20,7 cm
Cookplate 2⌀12,2 cm **)
Heat output8,8 kW
Efficiency82 %
Energy classA+
Chimney classT600
Safety distances
Side40 cm
Front100 cm
Top100 cm
Rear40 cm
Bottom1,2 cm ***)

*) Bottom edge from floor ±1 cm with adjustable feet.
**) Can be used as a cookplate if the chimney outlet is not from the top of the stove.
***) An air gap of 3 cm is recommended.



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