Wood-burning sauna stoves

We dare to say tha we produce the best wood-burning sauna stoves available. Our wood-burning sauna stoves come in all sizes and different shapes. The quality of a genuine sauna stove is related to how high quality materials are used, and how precisely it is manufactured. Most importantly – the löyly must be perfect. That is done by optimizing the stone capacity of the stone. With more than 80 years fo experience, we are confident that our heaters will provide an excellent sauna experience for you.

Installation a wood-fired sauna stove corrrectly is very important and different installation accessories are often needed. The stove needs to be connected either to a traditional chimney (usually made of bricks) or a modern steel flue. Pay attention on the sauna stones. In domestic use, we recommend olivine diabase sauna stones or vulcanite sauna stones of 10-15 cm size.

Wood-burning sauna stoves are in most cases fired from the front part of the stove, but they can also be fired from another room. These stoves are called tunnel model sauna stoves.

The most traditional Finnish sauna stove is a heat-storing sauna stove. The are heated up once, and the sauna bath takes place after the firing is done and the ashes are removed. The legendary Aitokiuas stoves are examples heat-storing sauna stoves.