Sauna products

Narvi sauna products are famous for their durability and high performance level. Whether you are about to replace an existing sauna heater or just started planning an own sauna, all related components are available.

The most obivous and visible component in a sauna room is the “kiuas” (sauna heater or sauna stove). It makes the temperature high, and the humidity of the room is regulated by pouring water on hot sauna stones. Ventilation of the room is also very important; a proper ventilation makes the sauna experience very pleasant and enjoyable, but a poor ventilation can ruin it.

All of our electrical sauna heater and wood-burning sauna stove are made to create a perfect sauna experience. The stone capactiy has been maximized according to the heaters physical size and form. We only produce heaters that do not only create hot temperature, but are highly able to creat a nice and humid climate to the sauna room.

Our installation accessories, smoke flues  and sauna accessories will make your sauna safe and complete. Narvi recommends to pay attention to sauna stones. Proper stones are essential for a good “löyly” and will protect your sauna heater.

Safety is obviously the most important thing, and zero compromizes shall be done regarding that. Best sauna products are safe, durable and they perform to improve the sauna experience. By choosing proper components in a sauna, the life length and sauna bath can be enjoyed for a longer time and in a better way.

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