Installation and maintenance

Installation of a sauna stove

Prior to installing the heater, ensure the required safety distances to combustible materials. The safety distances vary for different stove models and you can check your own on the type plate, located on the side of the stove or in the operating instructions. It is recommended to leave 1000 mm of empty space in front of any wood-burning stove. A concrete slab of at least 70 mm or a Narvi installation base must be used on the bottom. In case of doubt, seek guidance from the local authority. NB! If the stove is installed on top of underfloor heating, the Narvi mounting base must always be used.

In all our heater models, with the exception of the Narvi 50 heater and Aitokiuas sauna stoves, the flue connection is both on top and behind the heater. The unnecessary smoke opening is closed with the included cap. The heater comes with a 20 cm connecting flue (except for Narvi30 and Narvi50), which are meant for connecting the back of the heater directly to the flue. If rear connection is not possible, the connecting pipes or chimney sets are avialbale from us.

Do not push the connecting flue too deep into the flue to prevent traction. It is a recommended to seal the gap between the flue and the connecting flue with a masonry ring and rock wool to prevent cracking of the wall. Before installing the stove on its final place, heat up the stove to remove paint and oil from the surfaces. Stones are not needed at this stage.  Place the stones so that the largest stones come to the bottom of the stone space. Do not stack the stones too tightly to allow air to circulate between the stones. Sauna stone recommendations for different models can be found on our website.


The stove is sooted through the soot hatches as often as necessary, so that the flues do not soot and the draft stays apprpriate. Prior to heating, the ash box is emptied and the ash accumulated on the grate is removed. This avoids premature damage to the grate and ash box. The sauna stones shall be checked from time to time and the weathered stones shall be replaced with new ones. It is a good idea to leave a small fire in the heater after the sauna has finished so that the sauna dries.


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