Aitokiuas sauna stoves are the traditional heat storing sauna heaters, which let you enjoy the steam in its most true form. After one heating, this legendary stove guarantees a great sauna until morning. The large amount of rocks allows just the right kind of oxygenous heat, which is easy to regulate.

The sauna stove is delivered with extremely durable sauna heater stones, which decrease the time of heating. The round shape of the ceramic stones improves draft. The heat endurance of the stones is first class and this will extend the usage age of the stones.

These sauna heaters are meant for bigger steam rooms, where even bigger groups of people can enjoy the sweet steam of the sauna heater.

The casing of the models is made of steel sheet which is painted black. The opening of the hatch, the fire grate and inner lid of the sauna heaters are made of cast iron.

The shipment will include all necessary parts.