Narvi Cauldron 50 l

Narvi cauldrons heat up large amounts of water at once. Once the water is warm, it will stay warm due to the fireproof vermiculite mass insulation even for 24 hours. The inner chamber pot is made of durable rustproof steel and it is easy to lift off for cleaning. This round cauldron has adjustable legs, which makes the installation easier.

Technical info

Narvi Cauldron 50 l square
Height73 cm
Width48 cm
Depth52 cm
Total weight66 kg
Outside diameter of smoke flue120 mm
Flue outlet diameter115 mm
Flue outlet height from floor53 cm
Casingblack painted steel
Safety distances
Sides15 cm
Front50 cm
Up100 cm
Rear15 cm



Cauldron  50 l ja 80 l FI, GB, SE

Flue kit for 50 l FI, EN, SE