Narvi Infrared

Narvi Infrared radiators are meant for warm relaxing. Even though they are not related to Finnish sauna, installing them into a sauna room is common and easy. They come in 300W, 500W and 750W. They are controlled separately.  

Technical info

Infrared 350WInfrared 500WInfrared 750W
Sauna room size
Height67,7 cm83,6 cm83,6 cm
Width18 cm18 cm18 cm
Depth6,65 cm6,65 cm6,65 cm
Installation dimensions (width / height)15,1 cm / 66,6 cm15,1 cm / 82,5 cm15,1 cm / 82,5 cm
Weight kg kg kg
Humidity max. %95 %95 %95 %
Voltage230 V AC230 V AC230 V AC
Protection categoryIPX4IPX4IPX4
Safety distances
Sides15 cm15 cm15 cm
Front40 cm40 cm45 cm
Behind15 cm15 cm15 cm
Up20 cm20 cm20 cm
Floor20 cm20 cm20 cm


Narvi Infrared EN, DE

Narvi IR-IC1 control unit EN, DE

Narvi IR-IC Smart control unit EN, DE