Narvi T-2003 (9-15kW)

Narvi T-2003 is a sauna controller for 9-15 kW electrical sauna heaters. The control unit and power card are both in one box, and the temperature sensor is external. Narvi T-2003 is installed outside the sauna room, max 20m away from the sauna. It has a pretiming function for 24H. The controller also has a lightning switch where the sauna lights can be connected. This controller suits very well for public saunas.


Technical info

Narvi T-2003
Width205 mm
Height215 mm
Depth80 mm
COnnection400V 3N~
Effect (max)15 kW
Lights (max)100 W
Memory slots (pretiming)1


Narvi T-2003 FI, SE, GB, DE, RU