Narvi N2014E

Narvi N2014E comes as a strandard controller in many of Narvi’s electrical heaters. It consists of an external control unit, an external thermostat and the power card. This controller is multi-voltage, meaning it can be connected in 400V 3N~, 230V 1N~or 230V 3~. The maximum effect is 10,5 kW (9kW in single phase connection).

The control unit can be installed either inside or outside the sauna room, and it has a pre-timing function for 24 hours. Temperature can be set between 60-115°C. The temperature sensor is equipped with an overheat protector.

Technical info

Narvi N2014E
Width / Height / Depth
Power unit dimensions25,0 / 17,5 / 7,5 cm
Control unit dimensions11,2 / 11,0 / 2,0 cm
Thermostat dimensions6,0 / 6,3 / 2,3 cm
Connection400V 3N~ / 230V 1N~/ 230V 3~
Effect (max)10,5 kW
Controller cable3,5 m
Thermostat cable5 m


Narvi N2014E FI, SE, GB, DE, RU