Steel sooting hatch and ash box door

The steel front panels, soot hatch- and ash box doors are available in same shades of colors as the steel fireplace doors. These doors will give a stylish finish to any of our products.

Color alternatives: chromed satin, black and graphite grey

Technical info

Sooting hatchsAsh boxes
Masonry dimensions130 x 130 mm275 x 130 mm
Outside dimensions165 x 165 mm310x 165 mm
Includes masonry sleeve (external dimensions 138 x 138 mm) and base part.Includes masonry sleeve (uexternal dimensions 138 x 283 mm), requires ash box (9426-9428)
Colors95335, chromed satin
9534, Painted black
9534FH, Painted graphite
9545, chromed satin
9544, Painted black
9544FH, Painted graphite