Accessories for electrical sauna heaters

Accessories for electrical sauna heaters are used in different occasions. They are there to improve the safety, looks and usability of the sauna room. A functional sauna room is not only a hot wooden area, but a clean, cozy, calm place for relaxation. Our components are designed to make building a sauna the correct way as easily as possible.

Sauna control units are required for an electrical sauna heater so that it can be operated. The controller can be a simple switch, or a more complex system with different functions. Some of the controllers can be installed inside the sauna rooms and there is quite often an external temperature sensor.

The safety can be increased by installing a heater guard. It is a wooden frame designed to fit perfectly in the sauna heater. It precludes direct contact with the hot sauna heater.

If the electrical sauna heater is mounted inside the sauna bench, an installation flange will make it look better and protects the bench. At the same time, it is easier to manage the safety distances of the heater in question. If the heater that is mounted inside the sauna benches needs to be higher, a base extension can be mounted. That will safely bring the stone level a bit higher, making pouring water on the stones easier. Other accessories such as sauna-approved cables are also available.

Please note that accessories for electrical sauna heaters are not suitbale for all heaters. It is worth checking which accessories are avialable for each heater.