Cold plunge shower
Cold plunge shower
Cold plunge shower
Cold plunge shower
Cold plunge shower
Cold plunge shower
Cold plunge shower
Cold plunge shower
Cold plunge shower
Cold plunge shower

Narvi Avanto

Experience Arctic Coolness

Narvi Avanto ice swimming shower is a new device that brings the authentic cold plunge experience to your home spa.

One of the secrets to Nordic wellness is that cold is good for mind and body. As people around the world are discovering the wonders of winter swimming – the practice of going for a cool dip in a hole carved into the ice of a lake or the sea followed by a session in a hot sauna, the quintessential Finnish steam bath – the number of cold converts is rising.

Yet, winter swimming or cold plunge is not a viable option for everyone.

Enter Narvi Avanto, our new ice swimming shower that offers many of the same health benefits with an easy-to-use shower head that allows people to benefit from cold water therapy indoors at home, the gym, a spa or hotel anywhere in the world.

Inspired by the pure nature of Lapland, Europe’s last unspoiled wilderness, Narvi Avanto brings together health tech with Nordic knowhow and wisdom derived from nature. The stylish, minimalist look is the signature of top Finnish designer Harri Koskinen


Narvi Avanto – The coolest innovation to come out of Lapland


How it works

Narvi Avanto ice swimming shower features the aesthetically pleasing patented cold therapy device that attaches to a shower head and creates a gentle, soothing cool mist, without the need for any electrical or power source. It is easy to attach, no electrician or plumber is required. The product is designed for relaxing moments and as an addition to your home spa. However, it is very suitable for various groups and comes with great health benefits.


Narvi Avanto offers numerous health benefits as regular cold-water exposure has been shown to:

-Decrease stress and calm the nervous system

-Improve mood and energy levels

-Increase recovery after exercise and training

-Better sleep quality

-Provide relief from certain types of chronic pain

-Improve muscle condition and joint mobility

-Boost resistance and stress tolerance


Narvi Avanto ice swimming shower is perfectly suited for the following groups of people:

-You would like to practice winter swimming, but don’t have time or access, or can’t for some other reason

-You are interested in wellbeing and want to maintain your health and wellbeing

-You feel stressed, like your nervous system is in overdrive which is leading to sleep problems such as insomnia

-You exercise frequently but sometimes forget to invest in recovery

-Your daily life is stressful and you want to ensure that your level of performance remains high

-You’re an athlete or you do strenuous physical work

-You feel irritated or anxious easily

-You suffer from chronic aches or pains

-You have digestive problems related to stress


Technical info

Narvi Avanto
Height36 cm
Width75 cm
Depth80 cm
Weight5,4 kg
MaterialsPolished, acid-resisting steel



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