Narvi Chimney Watertank 30l

This 30 liter water storage tank is made of rustproof steel and it will heat the water with lost heat. Due to the installation procedure of the tank, the power of the tank will not decrease nor will the need for space increase. The tank can be turned to the left or the right hand side of the sauna heater. The tank will be delivered as a separate package of its own. The supporting pipe, which is included in the delivery, is placed between the tank and the sauna heater, so that the tank is placed above the sauna heater stones. This tank is suitable for all sauna heaters, that has a connection flue with an outer diameter of 122 mm and a minimum length of 600 mm.

Capacity of the water storage tank is 30 liters.

Technical info

Narvi Chimney watertank 30 l
Tilavuus30 l
Height38 cm
Width45 cm
Depth25 cm



Narvi Piippusäiliö / VattenbehållareFI, SE


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