Narvi NS Mini

Narvi NS mini is an electrical sauna heater with good “löyly” qualities. It has been designed for easy usage and durability. The sauna heater has been manufactured by high quality materials at our factory in Lappi. The color alternatives are black and stainless steel.   

Technical info

NS Mini 3,0 kWNS Mini 3,6 kW
Sauna room size2–3 m³2–4 m³
Effect3 kW3,6 kW
Height60 cm60 cm
Width33,5 cm33,5 cm
Depth20 cm20 cm
Product weight6 kg6 kg
Stone capacity20 kg20 kg
Fuse1 x 16 A1 x 16 A
Connection 230V 1N mm²3 x 2,53 x 2,5
CasingPainted or stainless steelPainted or stainless steel
Safety distances
Sides5 cm5 cm
Front5 cm5 cm
Up90 cm90 cm
Floor15 cm15 cm



Narvi Minex, Narvi NS MiniFI, SE, EN, DE, RU, EE, PL, RO

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