In the Narvi Saana sauna heater good steam properties are combined with a stylish design. Thanks to a large amount of sauna heater stones and good design, the sauna heater has excellent heat accumulating properties and provides users with long-term and soft steam. The grid surrounding the stones displays the stones in an eye-catching way. With an electronic thermostat it helps to keep the temperature in a pleasantly even and needed level. The sauna heater is available with housing painted black or made of stainless steel.

The set of the sauna heater also includes a stylish, autonomous control panel that makes it very easy to use the sauna heater. Thanks to the control panel it is easy to switch on the sauna heater and to adjust the temperature to the desired setting.

The diameter of a heating element of electrical heaters made by NARVI Oy is exceptionally big (8.5 mm). This extends the usage life of a heating element and significantly reduces the risk of overheating.