The stylish Steam Master is the perfect choice to create an authentic sauna atmosphere. The heat storing system and the stone compartment cover, with original design from Narvi will guarantee you the soft oxygen-rich steam. The cover is meant for storing heat is kept closed during heating, as a result of which heat accumulates efficiently in a large stone compartment and does not dry the air of the sauna. Narvi Steam Master heats up and is steam-ready in 1–1,5 hours.

The enameled steel cover is beautiful, durable and easily maintainable. The cover of the fireplace and pipes are made of extra-strong steel. Installation is simple thanks to the adjustable legs of the sauna heater.

The stylish Narvi Steam Master is now also available in tunnel version Narvi Steam Master WT. You can enjoy the blaze of the fire through the large glass door during your sauna experience. As an option the door of the sauna heater can be provided with a decorative frame.