Narvi NC musta
Narvi NC 24
Narvi NC musta

Narvi NC

The Narvi NC wood burning stove is distinguished by its simple and timeless design. The stove will fit equally well in a traditional or modern sauna. The large volume of the stones and the durable construction ensure even and pleasant sauna bath. Despite its impressive size, the stove does not need a lot of firewood to heat up.

The fire chamber has a novel form that ensures more efficient and cleaner combustion. The fire chamber was designed to be environmentally friendly and even to make sure that the stove complies compulsory CE marking requirements.

The stove casing is painted in black and it has a matching cast iron glass door also in black, a black frontal panel of the ash box and a steel frame around the stones section. Narvi NC 20 and Narvi NC 16 are also available with stainless steel casing.

The stove has adjustable feet for effortless and proper installation. The stove comes with a pipe for rear connection to the chimney. The chimney connection can also be implemented from the top of the stove but for this you will need a separate connection pipe.


Technical info

Narvi NC 16Narvi NC 20Narvi NC 24
Sauna room size8–16 m³10–20 m³10–24 m³
Height78 cm80 cm82 cm
Adjustment ±1,5 cm1,5 cm1,5 cm
Width50 cm54 cm58 cm
Depth58 cm58 cm58 cm
Product weight72 kg76 kg82 kg
Stone capacity50 kg60 kg80 kg
Flue outlet diameter119 mm119 mm119 mm
Flue outlet height from floor59,5 cm59,5 cm63,5 cm
Fireplace ceiling thickness10 mm10 mm10 mm
CasingPainted black or stainless steelPainted black or stainless steelPainted black
Safety distances
Sides15 cm15 cm15 cm
Front50 cm50 cm50 cm
Up125 cm122,5 cm120 cm
Rear15 cm15 cm15 cm



Narvi NC 16-24 FI, GB, DE, SE, RU


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