Narvi Trio

The Stylish Narvi Trio has a unique and practical design Narvi Trio is our latest Finnish keyflag-symbol marked electrical sauna heater. This heater has all the qualities for best possible sauna steam, an unique design and it is install anywhere in the sauna room. Even though this is a Narvi product, the shape has been formed as the Kota logo. The design is a result of combining the cast stone and painted steel. The color options make sure that this heater fits in both light and dark sauna rooms perfectly. We do not compromise with the stone capacity – this heater has 40 kg of sauna stones to produce a soft steam. A layer of white sauna stones can be placed on the top of the traditional sauna stones. The small safety distances make it possible to install the Trio even in narrow spaces. It can be placed inside the benches easily, and the finishing looks good with the stainless stell installation flange. The Narvi Tiro is available as 6,8 kW or 9,0 kW. The electronics are included, and are located in a separate box.

Technical info

Narvi Trio 6,8 kWNarvi Trio 9,0 kW
Sauna room size5–8 m³8–14 m³
Effect6,8 kW9 kW
Height100 cm100 cm
Adjustment ±1,5 cm1,5 cm
Width39,5 cm39,5 cm
Depth39,5 cm39,5 cm
Product weight50 kg50 kg
Stone capacity40 kg40 kg
Safety distances
Sides5 cm5 cm
Up90 cm90 cm
Rear5 cm5 cm
Floor3 cm3 cm



Narvi TrioFI, SE, EN, DE

Narvi Trio installation flange template FI, SE, EN


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