Sauna control units

Sauna control units are required so that electrical sauna heaters can operate. The sauna controller is there to maintain correct temperature and to make sure sauna heater operates safely. Sauna control unit can be a simple model with inbuilt manual switches, or a high-end sophisticated Wifi-controller operated with mobile device.

Sauna control units consist of a few different components. The brain behind a sauna controller is the power card, that is usually located in a separate plastic box next to the heater or inside the electrical sauna heater. The power card is connected to the most visible and important part for the user, the control unit. With control unit, heater is turned on/off either immediately or with pre-timing. The temperature of the sauna room is set, the lights are controlled etc. Every sauna control unit also has a temperature sensor, (sometimes referred as thermostat. It measures the temperature (usually in the hottest part) of the sauna room and tells the heater to either heat up or rest. If the effect of the sauna heater is more 12 kW or more, an external power unit is required.

Most of our electrical heaters are equipped with sauna control unit included. This is either inbuilt controlling (Narvi Minex and Narvi NM), or external controller with digital display (Narvi N2014E). It means that the package includes sauna heater with heating elements, power cards, control unit and temperature sensor.

Commercial sauna heaters are always sold without control. All our electrical heaters (except for Narvi Steam Ready) can be ordered without controller. Those heaters are called E-models.