Narvi Dual

The Narvi Dual controller can be used to control both electric sauna heater and a steam engine simultaneously. The room temperature is adjusted according to one’s choice, and the operating time and possible pre-timing can be set with the controller. In addition to this, the air humidity in the sauna is controlled separately. The desired air humidity level can also be set to the controller, and the steam engine starts producing steam in the sauna room accordingly. Two sensors are delivered with the controller, one to measure the temperature and the other to measure the air humidity. Other features include a light switch with dimming, and control of mechanical ventilation in steps. Narvi Dual can also be set to easy operation mode, where the user has limited possibilities to control the heater. This is suitable for example in rented saunas, where the user can only adjust certain functions (temperature, light, etc.).

Technical info

Narvi Dual
Control unit dimensions
Width8,55 cm
Height15 cm
Depth1,9 cm
Power unit dimensions
Width24,2 cm
Height21,4 cm
Depth8,4 cm
Total weight2,1 kg
Connection400V 3N~ AC / 50 Hz
Effect (max)10,5 kW (3 x 3,5 kW)
Controller cable lenght5 m (max. 15 m)
Sensor cable lenght4,5 m



Narvi DualEN, DE

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