Narvi Luosto watertank

The Kota L sauna heater has been renewed and the sauna heater is better than before and is now marketed under the name of Narvi Luosto. Narvi Luosto VS is available with a stainless steel water tank provided with faucet. In addition to excellent durability and steam properties, Kota Luosto VS sauna heater is now provided with adjustable feet and a glass door on a cast iron frame with a sturdy handle.

The excellent durability and enjoyable steam of the Narvi heaters have been a part of the Finnish sauna tradition for over half a century. The Narvi Luosto VS, which is specially meant for frequent sauna users, also heats quickly with a small amount of wood.

Thanks to its round shape it is very durable and it can be placed in very many various saunas. The glass door creates ambiance and makes it easy to keep the fire even. The tank (30 l) can be installed so that the faucet will be in the desired spot.

You can only attach the flue on the rear of the Kota Luosto VS sauna heater when it comes supplied with a cauldron.


Technical info

Narvi Luosto WT
Sauna room size8–20 m³
Height75 cm
Adjustment ±1,5 cm
Diameter60 cm
Product weight54 kg
Stone capacity35 kg
Flue outlet diameter119 mm
Flue outlet height from floor84 cm *)
Water tank30 l
Casingstainless steel
Safety distances
Sides30 cm
Front50 cm
Up128 cm
Rear35 cm **)

*) 84cm when connection is done with a 90° connective pipe (additional)
**) measured at the height of the door



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