Velvet electric

Narvi Velvet Electric

A top-class Narvi Velvet is now also available with a choice of three different heating elements with different power capacities. Thanks to a separately located remote unit it is easy to switch on the sauna heater and to adjust the temperature to the desired setting. The length of the supply cable of the remote control is 3 meters. The heater is provided with a housing consisting of two parts, which simplifies displaying the stones. The big amount of stones guarantees long-lasting and soft steam. Velvet Electric is an excellent choice for sauna-lovers looking for high quality!  

Technical info

Velvet Electric 6,8 kWVelvet Electric 9,0 kWVelvet Electric 10,5 kW
Sauna room size5–8 m³8–14 m³10–18 m³
Effect6,8 kW9 kW10,5 kW
Height116 cm116 cm116 cm
Adjustment ±1,5 cm1,5 cm1,5 cm
Diameter35,2 cm35,2 cm35,2 cm
Product weight21 kg21 kg21 kg
Stone capacity140 kg140 kg140 kg
Casingblack painted steelblack painted steelblack painted steel
Safety distances
Sides12 cm12 cm15 cm
Front12 cm12 cm15 cm
Up75 cm75 cm95 cm
Rear12 cm12 cm15 cm
Floor3 cm3 cm3 cm



Narvi Velvet Electric FI, GB, DE, SE, RU

Narvi Velvet Electric installation flange FI


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