Narvi Kuru

A stylish and reliable Narvi Kuru is an excellent sauna heater, which creates authentic sauna feeling and ensures pleasant sauna steam. A glazed door gives a possibility to enjoy live fire during the sauna procedure.

The steel housing of the heater painted in black creates simple, yet stylish atmosphere. Thanks to wooden handles the use of the heater is easy and simple.


Technical info

Kuru 14Kuru 20
Sauna room size8–14 m³10–20 m³
Height67,5 cm67,5 cm
Adjustment ±1,5 cm1,5 cm
Width42 cm46 cm
Depth47,5 cm47,5 cm
Product weight49 kg55 kg
Stone capacity35 kg40 kg
Flue outlet diameter119 mm119 mm
Flue outlet height from floor50 cm50 cm
Safety distances
Sides25 cm25 cm
Front50 cm50 cm
Up135 cm135 cm
Rear25 cm25 cm



Kuru, Kuru VSFI, SE, EN, DE

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