Narvi Velvet

The Scandinavian design of the sauna heater Narvi Velvet fits well in a modern as well as in a traditional sauna. Thanks to the big amount of stones the sauna offers long and enjoyable steam also for frequent sauna users.

The sauna heater is provided with a double casing that simplifies the stacking of stones. Thanks to the glazed hatch it is easy to keep the flames even and at the same time it creates a cosy atmosphere in the steam room. Wooden handles improve user convenience.

Thanks to a replaceable furnace this sauna heater is a long-lasting and ecological choice. Narvi Velvet is a top-class sauna heater which lasts from generation to generation.

Technical info

Narvi Velvet 20
Sauna room size8–20 m³
Height78 cm
Adjustment ±1,5 cm
Width54 cm
Depth58 cm
Product weight89 kg
Stone capacity160 kg
Flue outlet diameter119 mm
Flue outlet height from floor60 cm
Fireplace ceiling thickness10 mm
Safety distances
Sides15 cm
Front50 cm
Up122 cm
Rear20 cm



Narvi Velvet / Stony GB


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