Narvi 30 tunneli

Narvi 30 Through-wall / Narvi 50 Through-wall

High quality sauna heaters Narvi 30 and 50 are now also available in through-wall versions that can be heated from outside the steam room. A sauna heater that can be heated from outside the steam room is an excellent choice, when the only function of a steam room is to enjoy a sauna. This heater also offers pleasant steam in larger saunas and for more people. The external housing of this sturdy heater is made of painted steel and the connective flue of the chimney is located on top of the heater.  

Technical info

Narvi 30 Through-wallNarvi 50 Through-wall
Sauna room size20–35 m³45–70 m³
Height95 cm110 cm
Width53,5 cm67 cm
Depth67 cm85 cm
Tunnel part depth18 cm18 cm
Product weight155 kg300 kg
Stone capacity65 kg100 kg
Flue outlet diameter119 mm145 mm
Height of smoke connection from floor84 cm *98 cm *
Fireplace ceiling thickness10 mm15 mm
CasingPainted steelPainted steel
Safety distances
Sides35 cm50 cm
Front (door)50 cm100 cm
Up125 cm125 cm
Rear35 cm50 cm

*) top connection only



Narvi 30 / 50 FI
Narvi 30 / 50 GB
Narvi 30 / 50 DE
Narvi 30 / 50 SE
Narvi 30 / 50 RU

Narvi 30 ST drawing


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